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To improve the quality of life for post 911 veterans severely wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan in their service to our country

ABOUT National Capital Region Wounded Vet Run

We ride to promote awareness for veterans injured while in military service. We host events in order to procure donations for these area veterans in need and provide financial support to non-profit organizations that in turn support the wounded service members who sustained injuries while serving this country.





Create and foster a community where veterans and patriots can come together to move the NCRWVR mission forward (2) Provide a haven where those veterans that may be struggling will find comfort and security through a sense of community



Push accountability down to the lowest level by having the NCRWVR team and its volunteers taking personal responsibility for their tasks and actions, while living the core values of the NCRWVR mission each and every day. 



Respect for our Veterans, Respect for our Country, Respect for our Flag, Respect for each other.



Empower each other to move the NCRWVR mission forward, while also empowering veterans to improve their overall quality of life.




Integrity in all we do

Strive for Excellence

Service to others

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